- In depth video training to make your lessons fun, exciting and full of life!

Module 1: Quick Wins & Let’s get started

From how much English to use in class, to how to teach grammar, we cover the most common questions about teaching English so you can hit the ground running! 

Module 2: Complete Discipline Toolkit

Everything you need to keep your kids under control and get a class of perfect angels! 

P.S. Just one of these techniques could solve 90% of your discipline problems! 

Module 3: Teaching Fundamentals

We go deep into what, why, when, how and who we are teaching. Once you have these fundamentals in place, everything else becomes so much easier to do! 

Core Module 4: My lessons in action!

Of course you want to see all of this in action. I take you through one of my own lessons to see how I implement all the ideas & techniques we’ve discussed so far with real kids!

Module 5: Stress free Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning

Complexity is the enemy of execution. So here’s how to make things stress free and simple. And still incredibly effective. 

Module 6: How to teach Phonics - the easiest way to teach reading & writing!

In this module we go deep into the most fun and effective way to raise your students’ reading age! 

Bonus Module: Memorization and getting the kids to remember everything!

There’s no point doing all that amazing teaching if the kids just forget everything! Here are the techniques you can use to cut down review time and keep everything firmly stuck in your students’ heads.

Bonus Module: Teaching English Crash Course

A breakneck run through all my top teaching techniques and the biggest mistakes that most teachers make. You might not even know you are making some of these!

Bonus Live from Beverly Hills: The Six Human Needs to Get Motivated!

It’s not just teaching. Psychology is a huge part of what we do. Once you understand these 6 human needs you will be able to engage your students, their parents & your co-workers on every level. 

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